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Pre-Engineering Building


Steel Building Solutions :

Sandwich Puf Panels

An amalgamation of speed, functionality and durability. Steel buildings are the fastest systems of industrial construction today and are gaining popularity all over the world just as quickly. At ASC, we make things even easier by providing a comprehensive solution right from a project briefing to the final on-site installation, ensuring that once you come to us, all you will do thereafter is relax.

Pre-engineered Steel Buildings :

Sandwich Puf Panels

No cost over runs, no delays. Now you can relax. Our team understands that time is the most critical asset in project implementation. Everest is committed to a high degree of service and assures delivery of your Pre-Engineered Building with Strength, Speed and Safety.

Companies with their strong project departments and an unmistakable for detail like Vodafone, Ericsson, DLF, Walmart, McNally Bharat and Ramkey have trusted only ASC for their Pre-Engineered Building needs. We provide end-to-end PEB solutions- from structural design to installation. ASC ensures you have one less thing to worry about. Leave your factory building or warehouse to us, and relax! ASC pre-engineered steel buildings do away with the hassle of hiring a contractor, ensuring a steady supply of raw material and managing logistical as well as on-site issues like weather conditions and manpower. Earthquake, snow and wind resistant, these structures provide lifelong durability, are completely safe and require low maintenance. Easy to assemble, they can be customized to shape warehouses, airports, houses or cottages, and are the fastest systems of industrial construction today.

Smart Steel Buildings :

Sandwich Puf Panels
:: Build fast. Build Smart :: ASC understands and recognizes the needs of various market sectors and delivers smart and flexible solutions. Steel buildings don't have to be dull boxes. Modern businesses need modern buildings with highly specific and environment friendly features. Everest provides flexibility for the future and ensures that all of this is achievable with the added benefit of speed of construction and improved health and safety, with its 100% customized Smart Steel Buildings. Besides offering great design flexibility, these buildings are also resistant to moisture, adverse weather conditions, earthquakes, termites and fire.

ASC Smart Steel Buildings are 100% customized steel buildings. Their innovative state-of-the-art technology is the fastest for manufacturing and erecting buildings. These high quality buildings can be relocated easily and your architect/interior designer can choose from a large variety of external and internal finishes.